Brazilian Keratin Deluxe 1000 ml format
  • Brazilian Keratin Deluxe 1000 ml format
  • Brazilian Keratin Deluxe application video

Brazilian Keratin Deluxe Treatment 1000 ml / 500 ml / 200 ml

Brazilian Keratin is a versatile and effective Brazilian blowout technique that guarantees hair straightening on all hair types. Its formula based on biodegradable active ingredients from the Amazon forest restores hair nutrients and strengthens the strands.

Its tribology protects and conditions hair strands from the friction caused by flat iron, promoting intensive frizz reduction and hair thickening, making hair naturally straight and shiny.

Professional Use Only

Professionals Only
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With a high concentration of active ingredients, the Brazilian Keratin blowout optimizes shaping the strand. This means that straightening happens faster and easier. For this, it is necessary to use heat in the form of a flat iron, which must be between 180° and 230°. Its technology does not require rinsing after using the iron. It does not cause unwanted yellow and orange colors in the hair.


  • Brazilian Keratin Deluxe does not alter the hair color to yellow nor orange undertones.
  • Faster and easier product application.
  • Gentle formula, hair may not need rinsing.
  • Does not contain formaldehyde nor other derivatives.
  • Compatible with all chemical procedures.
  • Increased efficiency: can be applied to long hair up to 10 times.


Step 1

Whith the help of a brush, apply product to dry hair, moisturizing it thoroughly. Align hair strands with a fine-tooth comb. Let the product act for 30 minutes

Step 2

When applying the product to natural hair, dry it thoroughly with a drier. No brushing is needed.
When applying product to dry hair, wash it thoroughly, removing the product. Dry hair with a hair drier. No brushing is needed

Step 3

Iron hair and divide it in fine strands. The number of times a flat iron should slide over the hair strands and the flat iron tempeture depends on the current hair heallth. Washing hair after ironing is not necessary


  • Remodeling
  • Volume reductio
  • Anti-frizz action
  • Improved handling and flow
  • Malleable and silky hair

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