Healing Colorcare Color Preserving Shampoo 1000 ml / 300 ml / 50 ml

Sulfate-free daily shampoo provides maximum hair color protection.

  • Removes dulling impurities while healing.
  • Extra gentle leaves hair color looking rich & vibrant.
  • Contains natural Gugo Bark for a creamy, luxurious lather.
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    • 1000 ML
    • 300 ML
    • 50 ML

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    How to Use

    Apply to damp hair and work up a proper lather. Rinse thoroughly. Continue with Color-Preserving Conditioner and Trauma Treatment for maximum color-preserving results.


    Extremely color-preserving, retains a richer, more long-lasting color. Flower Shield Complex contains powerful "anti-fade" protection that the flowers use to protect their color. Free from sulfates, parabens, and sodium chloride.

    Key Ingredients

    Have you ever noticed that a flower’s color never fades? L’ANZA researchers have harnessed the same powerful phytocompounds used by 7 specific flowers for their own color retention. The result is full-spectrum color protection for all shades of hair color.