Healing Nourish Stimulating Treatment 100 ml

Delivers a potent dose of Anagen 7 Complex to promote healthy hair growth.

  • Nourishes the hair bulb with vital nutrients.
  • Delivers scalp stimulants to boost circulation.
  • Leave-in formula helps keep hair in the Anagen phase longer.
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    Item #: HNST

    How to Use

    Apply to scalp and leave. Use twice a day.


    Stimulates the scalp extra much to increase circulation. Contains the exclusive Anagen 7 Complex that keeps the hair in the Anagena phase (growth phase) longer by targeting seven areas to achieve healthy hair growth.

    Key Ingredients

    This complex targets the 7 key areas that prolong hair’s growth phase. Natural botanicals act in synergy to promote the growth of thicker, stronger hair, while improving the structure of existing hair.