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Keune Absolute Volume Thermal Protector 200 ml
Price: $31.00
Keune Item #: 2303318 -

Inebrya Hair Lift Serum 100ml
Price: $43.90
Inebrya Item #: I6898 -

Keratherapy Keratin Infused Argan Oil
Price: $28.00
Keratherapy Item #: 2286411 -

How to Use Apply on clean damp hair. Put a few drips into hands, rub together to evenly distribute and smooth onto hair from mid-lengths to ends. Style as desired or air dry. Apply on dry hair for shine, condition and to tame fly aways. Benefits Eliminates frizz and helps tame flyaways. Hydrates instantly without adding weight. Smoothes hair and adds shine. Helps heal damaged hair.

Inebrya Black Pepper Iron Spray 150 ml
Price: $23.90
Inebrya Item #: I26062 -

Inebrya No Yellow Mousse 250 ml
Price: $29.90
Inebrya Item #: 21401350 -

Keratin Healing Oil Bounce Up Spray 180 ml
Price: $29.00
L'anza Item #: 27206 -

How to Use Spray in the hair and leave. Brush your hair while blow-drying it. Spray more as needed. Benefits Long-lasting volume with bounce and shine. Peptide Packed spray with a lightweight building mist. Perfect for drying or hugging curls. Heat protection up to 260 ° C.

Fanola Styling Tools Bright Crystals Glossing Crystals 100ml
Price: $27.90
Fanola Item #: F96421 -

Keratin Healing Oil Brush Thru Hair Spray 350 ml
Price: $29.00
L'anza Item #: 25910 -

How to Use Hold the bottle 15-20 cm from the hair and spray, comb or brush. Then spray over the finished hairstyle for the desired result. Benefits Spray and brush without tangle. Leaves no residue, no product build-up and does not flake off. Lightweight and versatile with a glossy finish. Medium charter. Heat protection up to 260 ° C. Hold: 6 of 10

Fanola Styling Tools Curl Control Curl Defining Fluid 250ml
Price: $25.90
Fanola Item #: F96466 -

Aluram Curl Cream 177 ml
Price: $15.00
Aluram Item #: 0155428 -

Aluram Curl Foam 207 ml
Price: $15.00
Aluram Item #: 0155046 -

Keratin Healing Oil Defrizz Cream 140 ml
Price: $29.00
L'anza Item #: 26005 -

How to Use Apply to damp or dry hair. Brush the hair from root to tip and leave on. Use before blow-drying to get better styling results. Benefits Scale layer binding reduces friction from combing and prevents damage and counteracts frizz. Straightens and softens the hair. Reduces drying time by 75%. Heat protection up to 260 ° C.