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Keune Absolute Volume Thermal Protector 200 ml
Price: $31.00
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Inebrya Black Pepper Iron Spray 150 ml
Price: $23.90
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Healing Style Thermal Defense Spray 200 ml
Price: $24.00
L'anza Item #: HSTDS -

How to Use For blow-drying: Hold the bottle 20 cm from the head and spray directly on dry or towel-dried hair. For hairdressing with hot tools on dry hair: Spray on dry hair before using hot tools. Work in sections. Allow the hair to cool, then brush it or separate it with your fingers. Benefits Light styling product with medium to maximum styling support. Cactus extract provides extra heat protection against hair dryers and heating tools. Organic pearl barley extract soothes curls, while...

Inebrya Style-In Thermo Spray 250 ml
Price: $25.90
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Keune Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream 140ml
Price: $30.00
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