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Inebrya Hair Lift Serum 100ml
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Fanola Styling Tools Bright Crystals Glossing Crystals 100ml
Price: $27.90
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Keune Keratin Smooth Serum 25ml
Price: $34.00
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Alfaparf Smoothing Oil 100 ml
Price: $56.00
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Formula Alfaparf Milano Smooth hair treatments contain unique complexes and ingredients that protect and revitalize hair Climate-Proof Complex: An active ingredient that provides a protective barrier which keeps hair hydrated and protects it from varying climate conditions due to humidity and temperature. It gives hair a silky feel, 7-day non-stop hydration and 72-hours of frizz control, even at 98% humidity. Frizz Defeat Protein: A plant-derived active ingredient with a film-forming action...

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Price: $20.00
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Flexible styling Builds volume Long-lasting hold pH 5.5-6.5 Features exclusive ProQuinoa Complex™ with hydrolyzed Quinoa, Barley and Soy proteins to rescue damaged hair fibers.